About Us

Square Essence – We have arrived

  • Who Are We?

    Well, we are a software developing industry, with different kind of services to offer at lowest price. Keeping up-to-date with the technology we have several services to offer our clients, which they can able at very reasonable rate. These are everyday solutions, which users come looking for and we try providing them as accurate solution as possible. While creating these applications, we have made sure that they all have simple and no conflicting interface, which has ease of use. With our products we have tried to cater to the needs of large sector of users, by providing easily available technical solutions. Users come to us to find solution to their problem and we make sure to provide them with perfect solution.

  • What We Do?

    We mainly deal with Mail Migration Services for several file types. We try picking up most general and universal file types, which could provide much needed solutions to as many users as possible. Apart from that we also specialized in Address Book Migration and Lost Data Recovery Solution, which are still developing stage, but will arrive soon. We know we are making just a small ripple in the ocean compare to our counterparts, but that does not concern us, we try to improve ourselves with every passing moment, so that we can come up with more user-oriented solutions. For us the scale does not matter, as long as user goes happy, our solution caters to home-base users to a large scale industry.

  • Our Envision

    We keep on working for betterment to come up with more client preferred solution, we are completely dedicate to our cause and not about to put a stop to it till we achieve all we have set to achieve i.e. more happy clients and them coming back to us, whenever the need arise. We are completely focused on developing new and innovative solution and there is no end to it. We pay close attention to each of our client’s problem and give each problem a detail assessment, so that we can work on them and avoid such situation in future. We are also working towards a far more refine and expertise support panel, which provides users with handy help at all stages.

  • Find Us At

    We offer two most general communication modes to users. Most users now have email id for themselves and it is the most convent method to contact anyone, you can sent an email from anywhere anytime you want and read a receive email at you convince as well. To get contact us via this mode just sent a mail at you convenient time, we provide prompt reply to users. Mail: support@squareessence.com If you have immediate requirement or will like to have more detail conversation, then simple get connected to us via our live chat option. Our team will connect with you and help in whatever your requirement may be. Connect: Live Chat

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