Privacy Policy

Square Essence Privacy Policy

For us clients come first and we never compromise with that. It is our honor to be trusted with the confidential details shared by our clients and we take special precaution to secure their information. We do not believe in any sort of fraud practice and neither do we show, we respect our clients and ensure them complete safety of their data.

Privacy Policies are subject to change, without any notice. Please read them carefully before you proceed. Privacy Policy is made for customer’s safety only, so they feel secure while sharing their private details with us.

  • Any information you provide us Name, Address, Contact Details, and such items. Remains with us and only us and we do not share them with any third-party company or individual without the clients consent and that in written.
  • While placing your order, you have to share some details with us, to precede the order smoothly and also to identification purpose. You are asked for your DebitCard/CreditCard details or whichever mode you choose to make payment, details are asked accordingly, the details provides by you are kept secured and not shared by us in any way or to anyone.
  • We will not misuse you details in any way, with or without consent. We use your details just to precede the order and keep a database for identification purpose, in case you contact us again.
  • To understand our clients, we often ask them to take participate in some surveys for us, to assess the customer base. While taking the survey’s you are asked for some details like Name, Address, Phone Number, these remains with us only and not use for any other purposes.
  • There is no compulsion to participate in the surveys, you can deny them if you want.
  • You do no need to provide your debit card/credit card details to take participation in the surveys conducted by us.
  • Customer Feedback and Customer Rating is not a compulsory task, you can deny them if you wish.
  • While contacting our support team, you need to use your Email ID and provide details like Name, Address, etc. all of this remain safe with us and not shared.
  • While making payment through gateways like Share it, PayPal, My Commerce, the detailed you provide are encrypted by the gateways, before they share them with us.
  • The Privacy Policy could be change at any point of time; clients can check them out in the website, whenever they access it.
  • To understand our clients better, we add cookies to their browser to track their record, when they join us or re-visit website. If you do not wish us to track your record, you can change the setting of your browser.