Refund Policy

Square Essence Refund Policy

Refund Policy is like a safety net for user, they know that if they do not get what they ask for then they can get their money back easily. We offer our users with 100% money back offer, we fail to accomplish what we have set to do. Here you can find out about our refund policies and guidelines.

Eligibility for Refund

  • Software fails to work completely
  • Wrong Software is sent
  • Features mentioned in the official software website is not actually available with the software
  • If the Demo have some features, but the License version does not have it
  • If our support team fail to provide you adequate help and resolve the issue


  • If for some reason our software fails to work and the support team is not able to provide adequate help, then we ask for your forgiveness and request to send your request to
  • Once the request is received the support team will analyze the issue and try sent you a solution, in case that fails to work then we precede your refund request.


  • You must try the Demo Edition of the software, and then only purchase the License Version, as this helps in assessing the working of the software.
  • Refund request must be sent within 30 Days of purchase.
  • Please send your Order Ticket/ID along the request to identify your order and proceed further.
  • It might take some time to credit the amount to your account, so please have patience.


  • If you have not tried the Demo before purchasing the License Version
  • If the refund request is placed after 30 days of purchase
  • If 30% recovery is done and then the software stop working (In case of recovery tool)
  • File uploading to FTP failed
  • Delay in delivery, due to weekend, holidays or unexpected or unavoidable delay.
  • Email with details is lost and misplaced
  • Delay in downloading
  • If you have accidently brought the product, without intention
  • If you have purchase the wrong product
  • If after purchasing you no longer need the product
  • If the basic software requirement is no met by your machine
  • Platform compatibility issue
  • Not understanding how to use the software
  • If Wrong software license is purchased